1 hour agoOxford, AL +298 milesFree Stuff
Excellent condition. Relatively little used. No stains or damage it has fire certificate. Two matching cushions. Reason is short of space.
10-Aug-2018St. Louis, MO +161 milesFree Stuff
Moved here from CA so we have assorted sizex. We r in 63109 sip...come and get them!
15-Aug-2018St. Louis, MO +161 milesFree Stuff
Three big boxes good for moving or letting kids use to build/play with. Two @ 42"x31"x29" (approx) One @ 3'x7'x3 (approx)
15-Aug-2018Louisville, KY +205 milesFree Stuff
all about 60-64" long. Widths are: 2 @ 30" 2 @ 31" 1 @ 35 1/2" 1 @ 37"
15-Aug-2018St. Louis, MO +161 milesFree Stuff
Upright Dirt Devil vacuum. Has served me well, but I finally decided to upgrade. Works pretty well for a bargain kmart vacuum.
15-Aug-2018St. Louis, MO +161 milesFree Stuff
About 15 years old. Some rotted wood and need replaced before use. Need someone to come take it apart and take it away.
15-Aug-2018St. Louis, MO +161 milesFree Stuff
Family dinette table from the 60 s seats 6. 48 x 30 . Chairs have been lost along the way. Good condition. Does not come apart and heavier than it looks.
15-Aug-2018Jasper, IN +141 milesFree Stuff641-259-3458
Canning jars - assorted sizes. Some new. 641-259-3458
15-Aug-2018Gadsden, AL +269 milesFree Stuff
not working dishwasher. free to anyone willing to pickup.
15-Aug-2018Bloomington, IN +198 milesFree Stuff
roller chair with mesh back. Good condition, but a piece broke and it leans back when sat on. Not a problem for some things, but can be a bit annoying when typing at computer.
15-Aug-2018Oxford, MS +197 milesFree Stuff
I have a 32" Samsung telly available. It works, in a sense, but when you turn it on the top 3inches of pixels are actually what should be at the bottom of the screen. As it is mostly working, it might be very good for parts.
15-Aug-2018Indianapolis, IN +246 milesFree Stuff
I have two full squares and several pieces of slate slabs that can be used to decorate a fish tank or reptile enclosure.
14-Aug-2018Nashville, TN +131 milesFree Stuff
Queen size box spring, dresser, and tv cabinet
14-Aug-2018Charleston, IL +169 milesFree Stuff
Red /black toddler helmet for bike or scooter in good used condition. Our little one has grown out of it but plenty of life left in it. No major crashes in its history; typical minor crashes and scratches. Elastic band at back of head with reflectors, adjustable chin strap. Brand is Giro. Please include FIRST NAME and PREFERRED PICKUP DAY In your response. Allison
14-Aug-2018Nashville, TN +131 milesFree Stuff
I'm giving away a dissembled full-sized bed frame in the front lawn of the house for free, so you can pick it up anytime.
14-Aug-2018Springfield, IL +205 milesFree Stuff
I have jeans (blue, black,tan etc.) Some have had the pockets used, some have been cut apart. I have to clean the attic so if no one what's them, I will throw them away. Also corduroy pants.
14-Aug-2018Marion, IN +310 milesFree Stuff
Works great. Needs tuned. Front legs are broken at the bottom but can be repaired. Comes with bench. Free to anyone willing to help move it.
14-Aug-2018Houston, MO +241 milesFree Stuff
I have plus size women clothes
14-Aug-2018Bloomington, IN +198 milesFree Stuff
Broken stabilizing bar makes the chair immediately lean back very far when sat in, can be disconcerting and annoying when trying to type.
14-Aug-2018Springfield, IL +205 milesFree Stuff
15 Misc. energy efficient light bulbs. Mostly the spiral kind and regular base. 3 have a base with 2 pins. And remainder look like regular bulbs but I believe they are self ballast fluorescent. Also have two, 22 inch tube fluorescent ones and a starter as well as two 65 watt indoor flood lights. We have remodeled, changed fixtures and don't need all these spares for former fixtures.
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